Hello and welcome, mommy friends! My name is Danielle Easter and i’m a very busy wife and a mother of 3. My life is very busy, as some of you may be able to relate to. I don’t know about you, but my house is full of chaos. It seems like my kids or my husband are always in need of something, and as the one who takes care of everyone, it’s my job to wait on them. In a house with this many people, it’s tough to keep things organized and in order.

In my blog, I teach you how to become more organized and how to follow routines. It wasn’t until I discovered how unorganized I was, that it was time to make a change and share my experiences with the world. In order to make your day better and less hectic, you need to learn how to make lists, follow routines, and to schedule your most important tasks for first thing in the morning so that you aren’t putting it off all day.

Not only do I give you insight as to how to keep your home and yourself organized, I also fill you in on my parenting secrets! Every mom, or dad, needs advice at some point in time when it comes to raising their kids. My blog also discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes parents make when raising their kids and teaching them how to be more independent.  I hope you enjoy all of my helpful tips and tricks for making home life easier.