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July 13, 2017

Why Full Faced Helmets Are Safer

Having children is one of the greatest life changes anyone can experience. Along with revolving your life around the love and happiness of a child, sometimes you can lose grasp of things or hobbies that used to bring you happiness. This isn’t unusual, it’s almost impossible to be selfish after having kids, but there are ways to adapt these hobbies back into your life that will make everyone happy. One of the biggest hobbies that gets thrown out the window as soon as a child arrives is motorcycle riding. Considered to be a bit too dangerous for some, there are ways to be able to incorporate this sport without having to get rid of it completely. One of the greatest ways to be safe while enjoying this hobby is by using a full face motorcycle mask. Full face helmets are safer and definitely necessary if you plan on keeping this sport in your life.

Rider Use Full Face Helmet

Why Full Face Helmets?

Full face helmets are proven to be safer since they are not only protecting your head, but the delicate skin on your face. Our faces have all five senses that need extra love and protection. Anything you’d pick up on the road such as insects, rain, wind and sun, can affect your face and cause serious injury. Ever have a rock chip your car windshield? Imagine what it could do to your face if it wasn’t protected! Rocks and elements from the road come at you at a much higher speed since you’re going so fast, so really anything – even rain- can hurt you. By utilizing a full face helmet, you are protecting yourself while riding and taking a step in the safer direction.


Types of Masks

Browsing through Motorcycle Manics, you’ll find all different kinds of helmets and reviews. We’ve broken all the details down for you’re as far as specifications, price ranges and benefits each mask on the page describes. Each full face helmet has their own unique elements, such as audio or GPS systems while having amazing protection features. They even have different makes and styles so you can easily find the perfect mask for your lifestyle. The four most important factors to explore when purchasing a helmet are weight, fog, visibility and ventilation. Motorcycle Manics breaks all these categories down because these really are the most important features you should consider before making a full face mask purchase.


With expertly tested product reviews, you won’t need to conduct more research than necessary. Each review comes with a star rating, specifications details, warranty information and a convenient pros and cons list at the end. All the information is right there for you, so you don’t have to go off and conduct too much of your own research. Want a full face helmet that has certifications and has won awards? Or maybe a helmet that has a five star rating and incredible warranty package while still adhering to these four important factors? Search no more! It’s all on Motorcycle Manics.


Overall, there are definitely some hobbies that may be too risqué when adjusting to life with a child. But, just because you’re a new parent, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your old hobbies. Even if you’re not a parent, it’s never a bad idea to take steps in order to ensure your safety and wellbeing. If you do have kids, they’re going to want to have you around for a really, really long time. Make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself with something as simple as adding a full face helmet to your motorcycle lifestyle.