May 1, 2017

Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Through the Night

Child Sleeping

Once your child is out of a crib and into a bed of their own, bedtime become a whole new adventure. You never know what could happen when you put them to bed. They might decide that it is a good day to stay awake all night. Or they might get lonely, climb out of bed, and come join you. Although there is no foolproof method of getting your child to stay in bed all night, there are a few tips that may come in handy.

Create a Nighttime Ritual

Taking A Bath Before Bedtime

Children like routine. They enjoy having the same events happen at a certain time every day, because it lets them know what they are supposed to be doing. This can be as simple as doing the same things in the same order every night. For instance, bath time is followed by brushing teeth. Then it is story time, and finally bedtime. Having the same cycle of events can put them on track for a good night’s sleep. They will be expecting the bedtime to come at the same time, and they will be already growing sleepy.

Add a Mattress Topper to Their Bed

Adding Topper To Kids Mattress

Some children have the problem of overheating during the night. Some combination of high temperatures, humidity in the air, and clothing that is too warm can cause children to have night sweats. This can make them wake up due to the discomfort. A solution for cooling mattresses is to add a mattress topper. These have cooling properties which allow the sleeper to be relieved of the overheating problem. As well, toppers add another layer of bedding to the mattress. Children will be more comfortable, and therefore more inclined to stay in bed until they fall asleep.

Add an Aquarium to the Room


This might sound like an odd suggestion, but there is reason behind it! Aquariums produce a soft glowing light. This can be a comfort to a child who is afraid of the dark. Simply having that light, and the soft noise of the pump can be all that it takes to keep your child in bed. Just having the knowledge that they are not alone in the dark room can be enough to curb a child’s fears. They will also be able to watch the creatures swim around in the aquarium, which will lull them into dreamland soon enough.  


Training your child to sleep through the night can be an exhausting task. When they have their own bed, it is easy for them to continually climb out of it. However, stick to a routine and find a method that works for you and your child. Perhaps all it will take is putting them to bed at exactly the same time very night. Or maybe you will need to look into products such as mattress toppers or aquariums to add to the child’s bedroom. A simple solution may be the answer to countless restless nights.